Mil-Spec Engine Harness Evo 8/9

Mil-Spec Engine Harness Evo 8/9

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This harness is made with OEM sensor and ECU connectors.

If you have an Aftermarket ECU with differnt connects we can also make you a harness, just send us an email first for pricing.

Expected wait time for completion 3-4 weeks depending on my current workload 

Our standard harness comes with all factory engine connections and factory ecu plugs only with the addition of GM IAT (2 pin), AEM Map (3 pin) and a extra 4 pin Deutsch connector for any additions you might like to incorporate at a later date.

This is an engine harness to connect to all engine essentials only.  Headlights, A/C, all that other stuff that doesn't make you go fast this harness does not connect to. This will not replace fuse boxes. You will need to know some basic wiring concepts to run in order to get full functions,  12v power, Ground, Tach signal,...  for example.  This is not a 100% plug and play harness.  It will 100% plug into each engine sensor connection like factory, Cam, Crank, Injectors, Coils, etc etc.  The sensors that will run your engine.

Made of all the finest materials.  Tefzel, Raychem DR-25,  sealed ends. We can also incorporate quick disconnect Mil-Spec firewall plugs for an extra cost in the drop down menu.

These are designed for Speed Density applications (NO MAF).  You will go over your setup with me during the process so we can make sure we cover everything needed.  We can accommodate any style injector plugs, Ev14 will be the default injector clip.

NOTE: depending on your ECU (Brand) and number of sensors we can make anything you might need if you have a piggy back from the factory engine harness or Stand Alone ECU.  Extra fees do apply for custom applications.

Please email us for quotes at for custom harness configurations.