Jeep SRT8 V8 Turbo Package (2006-2010)

Jeep SRT8 V8 Turbo Package (2006-2010)

Regular price $ 38,000.00 Sale

Jeep GC SRT8 Stage 1 Single Turbo Package (2006-2010)

650+ WHP on pump gas (93 octane)

Custom Tuning with stock ECU

Retains all factory options, A/C, Heat, etc

$38,000 Installed

  • DTT Stage 2 6.1L Engine
  • DTT Stage 3 Cylinder Heads
  • DTT Custom Camshaft
  • DTT Stage 2 Transmission
  • DTT Custom Stainless Steel Turbo Header
  • DTT Custom Precision Turbo T4 76mm Stainless Steel Turbo Kit
  • DTT Custom 3.0" Stainless Steel V-Band Exhaust System
  • DTT Custom Air/Air Intercooler
  • DTT Custom 6061 Aluminum Intercooler Piping
  • DTT Custom Twin Fuel Pump System
  • DTT Custom Crankcase Evacuation System
  • K&N High Flow Air Filter
  • Injector Dynamics 1000cc Fuel Injectors
  • Diablosport Trinity T1000 Fuel Computer

Note:  Must provide a good core block, crank, cylinder head, and transmission.  Additional costs may apply without these parts being inspected and approved to build.