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IGN-1A Race Ignition Coil

Best coil on the market today.  These have easily supported 300HP per cylinder.  Can be wired for sequential or waste spark ignition setups.  Built in Igniter so you won't need that expensive CDI box anymore.  We can also make custom Mil-Spec Wire looms at customer request.  Please contact us HERE for requests.


Minimum voltage output (no load, at recommended dwell): 40,000 volts

Output energy: 103 mJ
Spark duration: 2.9 ms
Primary resistance: 0.5 ohms (not directly measurable)
Primary inductance: 4.8 mH (not directly measurable)
Secondary resistance: 8,500 ohms
Secondary inductance: 22.5 H
Turns ratio: 71.1
Maximum current: 19 amps
Maximum battery voltage: 17 volts
Nominal dwell: 3.0 ms



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