Forced Performance Super 99 Turbocharger

Forced Performance Super 99 Turbocharger

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Super 99HTA


  • Compressor wheel - 99HTZ
  • Flow rating - 103LB per minute
  • CW Measurements - 72MM Inducer / 99MM Exducer
  • TW Measurements - 76MM Inducer / 67MM Exducer
  • Compressor Housing - FP1S Compressor Cover 4" inlet 2.5" outlet
  • Turbine Housing - Standard FP .85 T3 TH
  • CHRA - 10MM T4 BB
  • Oil Line - Not Included

Introducing our largest T3 frame ball bearing turbocharger to date the FP HTZ™ Super 99. This turbo has a 99MM Exducer and 72MM inducer compressor wheel coupled with our 76MM turbine for a flow rate of 103LB per minute. If you're looking to make 1000HP and don't want a T4 framed turbo this is what you've been waiting for.

Kevin Jewer in his RWD Talon recently piloted the FP HTZ™ Super 99 to an 7.96@171MPH