Dyno Tuning, Power Pulls & Rental Deposit

Dyno Tuning, Power Pulls & Rental Deposit

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This is a non refundable deposit to hold your pre-scheduled date and time. This fee will be subtracted from your total Invoice when complete.  Dyno tuning will be paid in full before we start the tuning session unless it's by the hour rental.  If for any reason you can not make this session you have a 2 day window to set a new date and time with me before the deposit is gone.  

Example:  You set your dyno appointment for Friday the 10th of this week.  Today is Monday the 6th.  If I hear from you Thursday the 9th that you can not make the dyno appointment the deposit is gone.  You had until Wednesday to get back to me for a cancellation.

The 2 day window ensure's that I am not setting appointment's and turning away other customers for no reason.  If you need to reschedule your appointment and you do so giving me a 2 day window you do not loose your deposit.  

Also consider being late to your appointment will only cut into the time allotted for your tuning session.  Please review our before tune checklist, and what kind of tune  in our Tech section for more information.

Tuning appointments are scheduled for Dyno time from 10am - 2pm Monday-Friday unless already discussed.  If you are late it only cuts into that time and additional dyno fee's may apply to finish your car.  After 30 minutes of not showing up or letting us be aware of being late you forfeit your dyno session.

Any questions please email us at sales@dynotechtuning.com