Ported Cylinder Head Evo 8/9 & Dsm 1G/2G – Dynotech Tuning INC

Ported Cylinder Head Evo 8/9 & Dsm 1G/2G

DTT Stage 3 Cylinder Head 

The Clyinder Head is ported & polished.
We improve bowl to seat blending to ensure even flow to each cylinder.
Paying special attention to the shape of the bowls for even airflow.
The head is then Bead blasted, cleaned and ready to surface finish, valve guides and Competition 5 angle valve job.
  • +1mm Stainless Valves
  • Bronze Valve Guides
  • Beehive Valve Springs & Titanium Retainers
  • High Temp Valve Seals

Included Services
  • Visual Inspection
  • Clean & Hot Tank
  • Hand Porting & Polishing
  • Deck Finish Resurface to High Performance RA Spec
  • Specific 5 Angle Radius Valve Job
  • Final Assembly