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2.0 Aluminum Rod 4G63 Short Block Evo 8/9 & DSM 6 Bolt

Over 10 years of experience.  If you're ready to make over 800 whp with no worries about your bottom end staying together you've come to the right place!  

2.0L Specifications

The 2.0 Long Rod retains the factory OEM Mitsubishi crankshaft.  Ready for extremely high RPM applications, The 156mm long rod allows you to rev to over 10,000 RPM.

  • Engine blocks is hot tanked and rust removal begins.  Each block receives a coat of black high temp engine paint for a final appearance.
  • Crankshafts are not cut. They are fully Inspected, micro-polished and balanced specifically for high HP applications.
  • The Block receives an overbore utilizing a 4g63 torque plate to ensure roundness. The overbore is followed with a three step honing process that is finished with a plateau hone for the absolute best cylinder wall finish and ultimate ring seating.
  • The final step is resurfacing. With a fine (RA) finish we ensure perfect head gasket sealing for high boost applications.

Included Components

  • ARP Main Studs 
  • King XP Series Bearings 
  • Aluminum Forged Connecting Rods 
  • Custom Spec Forged Pistons 
  • Balance Shaft Eliminated

PLEASE NOTE: ***GOOD CORES ARE REQUIRED*** Additional CORE CHARGE of $1800 (price includes block, oil squirters and oil squirter bolts ONLY! If a crank can not be supplied the crank core fee if an additional $850. The core must be approved before we start the build.

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