Stage 1 Transmission Rebuild (Evo 8/9 5 Speed & DSM 5 Speed)

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DTT Stage 1 5 Speed Street Spec (400-650 HP Rated)

Note:  This is a rebuild of your core transmission.  Upon arrival the transmission will be disassembled, degreased and cleaned, and a thorough inspection will take place for work gears.  If it is found that parts need to replaced that are not listed below you will be notified with an estimate to complete.  If you decide to not go forward with the rebuild the parts will be returned to you and you will be refunded your payment minus $300 for disassembly and inspection fee.


  • New 1st gear synchro
  • New 1-2 shifting sleeve
  • New 2nd gear synchro
  • New 3rd gear synchro
  • New 3-4 shifting sleeve
  • New 4th gear synchro
  • New 5th gear synchro
  • New 5-R shifting sleeve
  • New Reverse Synchro
  • New input shaft seal
  • New shaft end seals
  • New axle seal
  • New 3-4 fork
  • New input shaft bearings
  • New high strength roll pins
  • New 1,2,3,4,5,R synchro springs
  • Neodymium magnet
  • Bead blast
  • New thrust plates
  • New thrust plate retainer
  • New Oil guides
  • Shims