Take advantage of our 15% off Maintenance Packages for October and November*

15% Off Brake Pads and Rotors Installed*
15% Off Fluid changes, Brake, Oil, Trans, Coolant*
15% Off Timing belts and water pumps Installed*
15% Off Corner Balancing and Alignments*


Also for the months October to February with Any Cobb Tuning build get your parts at our cost when you...

1.  Purchase all parts with Dynotech*

2.  Get everything installed at Dynotech*

3.  Get your car Pro tuned at Dynotech*


1/2 Day Dyno sessions $350  (4 hrs of rental)*

Want to tune or dyno your car or multiple cars? 

Add $50 per car setup fee.  We will load and unload as many cars as you need in your 4 hr time frame.  Take advantage of boost logging, fuel pressure, oil pressure, and dual wide band o2 if needed as well as our expertise in help with any tuning related issues*


*you must mention this add before service.