So you want to save money?

We have seen it so many times our customers intend to save themselves a few bucks on either used parts, or inexpensive parts of sites like ebay, craigslist, parts traders.  In the end they do not. and here are the reasons why.  The cheaper parts are exactly what they first sounded like, "cheap parts"  Usually made of less expensive materials, poor design,  cheap parts to install them as in bolts, hardware, lines, fittings etc.  And most do not fit right.  So when we receive them and they do not fit, but its our job to install them we make them fit with modifications.  Sometimes we have to cut and reweld,  modify other parts of these kits to fit with all the other parts you have on your car.  Not only is it time consuming to us, we have to charge for this.  And in the end the extra labor to make an inferior product just "fit" you also have to remember the product probably will suck in performance.  So you might not even be close to the hp or tq numbers you were hoping for and now you have a price tag that is equal to or even more than what buying the quality product we recommended in the first place.  Anything we sell is always the best parts for the customer and not the most profitable.  When I select products I do not care about what I make off it, but how well it performs.  Because in the end I care about a happy customer with a kick ass car and that is the referral business that we strive for!


So why do you charge $130 per hour and my buddy at his house charges me $40 per hour


Well its simple.  The cost of operating a business is expensive.  There is a lot of overhead involved. Rent, utilities, insurance, tools, equipment, taxes, disposal fees, uniforms, employees, etc etc the list goes on.  If I din't have these expenses I would probably work on cars for free because that's what I love to do.  The hourly charge is just how we stay in business so to speak.  What we charge is fair and a simple job that might take 2 hours on a brand new car might take 4 hours on a modified car that might have had 3 owners and 5 other shops work on it.  Rusted bolts, cross threaded, and extra parts in the way make some jobs very time consuming on top of the actual task, and in the end it's not our fault we have to do the extra work.