We require $100 paid up front for Consultations on your build.  This might be the best $100 you will spend.  Simply put we can most times save you thousands buying the right parts the first time.  We come across so many people who impulse buy and end up not being able to use these parts for their goals.  Either the wrong part, the cheaply made part, or the used part.  We can help!

You may pay this on our website or through Paypal.  Our Paypal is sales@dynotechtuning.com  Include the words "Consultation" in the notes and the best way to contact you back.  If you end up going forward with labor and parts from Dynotech the $100 fee will be subtracted from your final Invoice.

You can pay through our website HERE

Questions & Answers:

Why do you require a consultation fee?

We require this fee for many reasons.  First we are very busy and must focus on the customers who already have a vehicle with us for work.  Second we have very little time in the day, and if all we did was answer quick questions without some sort or compensation it would be hard for us to pay our bills.  Third we earn a living physically performing tasks associated with the skills and knowledge that have been amassed over many years of experience.  

What do I get for my $100 consultation fee?

You will get 1 hour of time to discuss.  We can do this by phone, in person, or email. We can map out and plan,  provide a detailed quote of job,  or just talk about performance cars in general.  If you are unsure of what to buy how to go about doing it you have come to the right place for help.  We have over 20 years of experience and can apply our expert knowledge into many other platforms.  We can help you design fuel systems, Turbocharger systems, What ECU to purchase, what sensors are needed,  What type of exhaust you need,  if it's better to buy it from a company that already makes the product or custom build it here.  Our goal always is to save you money and give you the best result at the same time.  It's not about profit margin with us, it's about doing it right, even if it means spending more or less money.  We aim to please our customers and if we get the opportunity to work with you, we will do our best to make the build a reality.

What if I pay for the $100 fee but then end up buying parts from another source?

If we spend the time with you and help select the parts needed, then you scour the Internet for the best available price we will still honor the $100 subtracted from your bill.  If you require multiple quotes, and multiple discussions you are paying for this, so choose the hour wisely.

What if I pay for the $100 fee but I never come in for parts or labor?

If you chose not to come back we wish you the best in your build.  You have a detailed build layed out for you or helped you understand what is needed. Hopefully we set you in the right direction.