Evo 8/9 Outlaw Catch Can – Dynotech Tuning INC

Evo 8/9 Outlaw Catch Can

Designed for Evo 8/9 to allow maximum crankcase ventilation containment.  We all know with high boost there will be a lot of crankcase pressure.  Small catch cans we have used will overfill very fast.  When you are going 150+ in the 1/4 Mile just one single drop can be very dangerous.  This catch can has 3x -12 fittings.  We use 2 on the valve cover and 1 on the block front balance shaft.  Even at 50+ psi we get very little oil transfer and has worked very well.


The catch can will come with:

7 ft -12 Hose in black

5x -12 90 deg hose ends in black

1x -12 45 deg hose end in black

1x 1/2" NPT to -12 straight fitting in black

1x 1/4" NPT ball drain valve

1x K&N Air filter

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