Mil-Spec 4 CYL Sequential IGN1-A Ignition – Dynotech Tuning INC

Mil-Spec 4 CYL Sequential IGN1-A Ignition

Universal ECU Ignition System w/ IGN-1A Coils.  I build these to order by customers specifications and needs.

Made with all the finest materials.  Motorsport grade wiring & Raychem DR-25 Loom

Available in extra lengths if need for added cost.  

Ignition will consist of:

  • 4x High output IGN1-A coils
  • 1x mounting option, universal 4 coil,  top valve cover, middle valve cover or under intake manifold
  • 1x coil harness
  • 4x spark plug wire set

With this Ignition System you will have to connect the following

  • Ignition signal from ECU 1/2/3/4
  • Logic ground, connect to ECU ground or cylinder head
  • Spark wire ground, connect to cylinder head
  • Ground, connect to battery negative
  • 12 Volt Switched Power  (you will need to wire to 30amp relay for each coil pair)



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