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Tilton Carbon/Carbon Twin Clutch & Flywheel Evo 8/9

Tilton 2 disc Carbon Clutch Kit Mitsubishi EVO IV-VIII

Tilton Carbon/Carbon clutch is the absolute finest clutch package available for the EVO, benefiting from Tilton 18+ years of carbon racing clutch development. The 100% carbon matrix plates utilized in the clutch provide great driveability, have an extremely high heat capacity that enables the clutch to be slipped without overheating/warping and have a very low inertia for improved shifting and transmission synchro life. In addition, carbon clutches include an additional pressure plate that compensates for carbon plate wear to provide long-term clutch life. After both pressure plates are used, the clutch can be rebuilt for under $200 (standard rebuild).

The flywheel included in the packages has been engineered to have a compromised weight/inertia that provided increased performance (faster engine acceleration) and good drivability (reduced bogging).

Also included with each clutch package is a hydraulic release bearing (HRB) that mounts inside the bellhousing and replaces the stock slave cylinder/fork arm release bearing mechanism. The HRB provides quick shifting, low pedal effort and self-adjusts for clutch wear.

Weight (clutch & flywheel): 16.2 lbs
Torque capacity: 860 lb-ft

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